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Seeking monthly donations for Support Groups, Leadership Workshops, and Community

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2017 is a year of growth for the Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition (WSPCC). Our goal is to continue to raise awareness of prostate cancer by providing resources to help men and their families navigate the options available to them through advocacy and communication. Your generous monthly donation will help the WSPCC consistently provide the following:

  • Support Groups: The WSPCC has 25 support groups throughout Washington that meet monthly supporting community members who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This number is growing and we need your support to provide medically based education, companionship, and support. This support is needed not only to the men but their families as they navigate their life journey with prostate cancer.
  • The WSPCC provides 2 leadership workshops per year focusing on the support and training of our dedicated support group leaders. Support Group leaders are volunteers who have the passion and drive to care for the men and their families in their communities. Your donations will go towards: materials for workshops, speakers, meals, location expenses, and financial assistance for leaders to attend.
  • Outreach to our communities: Your support will go towards creating brochures and flyers, postage, materials, attending conferences and other public forums where we can network with members of the community.

With your monthly support, no matter how much you give, will enable us to constantly provide assistance and services to the support groups, leadership workshop, and outreach events throughout the year. We appreciate your willingness and commitment to make a difference in men's lives in the state of Washington.